Photo of pathway by stream at Gatley Carrs


Gatley Carrs Conservation Group (GCCG) was founded by Gatley residents in 1998 to work with the local authority on conservation, maintenance and improvement of Gatley Carrs' 19 acres of woodland, willow carr, meadow, scrubland, ponds and watercourse to encourage wildlife to thrive and to create a wonderful public amenity.

We are a voluntary organisation and our aims are to continually develop and encourage the ecology and the biodiversity of the Carrs for the recreation and enjoyment of the general public, as well as providing a safe and welcoming habitat for the abundance of wild life that continues to thrive there.

We strive to manage the physical appearance of the site and we are a Local Nature Reserve (LNR) which is a protected Green Space for local people, designated by the local Authority with guidance from Natural England.

The area of ponds, carr and woodland is also listed as a Grade C site of biological importance in Greater Manchester.

Gatley Carrs is owned by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC)

Managed jointly by SMBC and the Gatley Carrs Conservation Group (GCCG)

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