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Minutes from GCCG Meeting 18th June 2019

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2019

Minutes from GCCG Meeting June 18th 2019

Chairman’s welcome

PO welcomed everyone and particularly some new members.

Attendance and Apologies

Attendance: Peter Owen (PO), Chris Neild, Derek Brennan (DB), Alan Butler (AB), Margaret Brennan, Michelle Inwood (MI),Keith Holloway (KH), Linda Cullen (LC), David Jeffries (DJ), Liz Bradbury (LB), Elizabeth Latimer (EL), Fran Heron (FH), Karen Jarmany (KJ), Christine Haigh (CH), Jim Arkwright (JA), John Pollard (JP).

Apologies: Sue Pilling (SP), Peter Phethean (PP),

Minutes from last meeting

Minutes were submitted from previous meeting and approved by the group.

Matters arising

PO reported back on Fields in Trust and the fact that despite all our efforts and after following all the advised procedures we were still no further on.n view of this he had sent an e-mail to all the councillors involved with trying to help this progress and also to Mary Robinson MP. He then read out the e-mail below for comment and discussion.



As I am chairing a Carrs quarterly meeting tonight I would like to say something on the above subject.

At the AGM it was suggested I wait before taking any other action until you had chased it through the council, to date I have heard nothing more.

So despite polite requests, a well signed petition ( as advised as a way forward) absolutely nothing has happened, we don’t even get a reply in any form.


We are 12 months on from our meeting at the Festival last year when you promised your support and action and yet we are no nearer it getting approved or even reasons why it is not approved.


I was merely frustrated last year now I am seriously annoyed that we are being treated this way, it is totally unacceptable.

I have copied our key people in so they can see I am not ignoring this.

Time for action now.






The members were clearly angry with this position so PO asked KH for his further advice as to why our petition hadn't even received an answer. KH replied that he agreed it was shocking but as the LibDems were not the ruling party in SMBC the problem was that of the ruling Labour party and despite his and our other supporters in council nothing had happened.

PO said enough was enough and our patience is exhausted and we need to take further decisive action. KH recommended a formal question be submitted to Sheila Bailey, the portfolio holder, to the next full council meeting on July 4th as that then required the council to provide a reply.

KH would send us a link for question submission and recommended it be kept to a very simple few word question and that this should be submitted a few days before the meeting, or even on the morning of the meeting.

PO said after over 3 years campaigning on this issue this really had to be the last step before a more public protest, to not even receive a reply he felt was just downright rude.

The meeting wholly supported this view.


Treasurer’s report

MI submitted her report to the meeting with a brief summary of activity in the last quarter.

Income £218 (from membership subs)

Outgoings £85.68. (bird food, bird boxes, room hire

Balance on account £4,377.56.

Since then a donation received of £25 from Marple Naturalists following a talk to them by JP, he re-assured all it was definitely not a Naturist group.

£350 has just been spent on an extra land drain near the top of the pond and AB reported this was working well.


Bird Report

CN gave her bird report for the last quarter as below.


During questions CN advised that the total number of species seen on the reserve amounted to 57.

PO thanked her for not mentioning the Liver birds she had recently shown very keen interest in!

PO also mentioned his recent trip to CN's own Nature Reserve at Carrington and reported on how impressive it was and suggested some members may like to visit, CN happy to accommodate this request but only in small groups, date to be advised.


Wildlife and Nature report

JP gave his report as detailed below:



PO asked about the progress of the habitat boards and CN said the original boards had rotted away and new stronger ones needed, AB to ask our "handy man" Andy to source some suitable wood boards.


Site upkeep;

AB reported on how well the Reserve was looking just now especially after the recent paths and field area cutting that his friend Steve and his lads at the council had done.

Part of the wider footpath area at the top end of WFM had now been cut and people to be encouraged to use that route to allow the other old path area time to recover, However one bonus of opening up this area was the discovery of more wildflowers so this small area to be left to allow them to flourish.

It was reported that the entrance barrier to the car park which had not been working properly was now repaired.

Jobs to be done;

Thistle heads in WFM need removing to prevent seeding, AB to advise on dates.

Balsam bash needed again before seeding takes place. AB to advise on date.

PO reported The Cubs were keen to help on the Reserve but he had already advised their leader that there really wasn't much they could do, but maybe they can help with the balsam bash so long as they were made aware of the risk of nettle stings.

Gatley Festival

PO reminded everyone this was now only a week away and could those who had volunteered to help man our stall to give out leaflets etc please be there from 12 onwards. AB was going to set up with PO from 11.30am.

EB suggested we should have photographs on display, PO agreed and photos to be found and laminated.

Membership forms also needed for the day.

Festival guided walk Monday 1st July 6.30pm, guides to be present, JP, PO, AB.


JP's proposed talk on the history of the Carrs, which had been postponed due to his wife's ill health, was now to be re-scheduled for week commencing 8th July subject room availability, EB to investigate with Gina at Elm Road.

JP reported on an e-mail he had received ref a dog on dog attack on the Carrs from a distressed dog owner.

Discussion then followed highlighting a number of similar issues and dog problems and feelings running very high.

However, it was agreed The Group were relatively powerless in these situations as we have no authority to intervene, and when we do we get warned not to interfere. The fact that there is only 1 dog warden for the whole of Stockport means that enforcement is very unlikely, but incidences should still be reported.

The distressed visitor will be written to, to express our sympathy but also to point out all above ref our "powers".

Next Meeting

Proposed next meeting - September 17th 2019 at 7.30pm

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