Raven seen on Gatley Carrs Nature Reserve Gatley, Cheshire

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January 2020 Bird Report

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2020


My first visit of the year was on the 10th January a bright and breezy day. I had been alerted by Peter that 2 Mute Swans were on the pond. The birds were obviously used to being fed with little fear of people. I spotted a Blue Darvic ring on the leg of one of the Swans. With help from Peter I got the ring number. I was able to trace the history of the Swan. It was born on Sale Water Park and ringed as a female cygnet in November 2017. It left soon after and was next spotted at Salford Quays early 2018. It remained here till December 2019, when at some point it left, and then seen at GC January 9th 2020. This explains why it was so used to being fed. The last date they were seen was 25th of January. One Swan did arrive back 30th but only stayed a short length of time. I had seen 3 Swans before at GC but these birds were the first time they had ever been seen here on the pond so excellent news indeed. Also on the Pond, 19 Ducks, 10 Domestic Ducks and 9 Mallard.

I carried on from the Pond and found a flock of 32 Redwing and 3 Fieldfare. They were constantly scolded by several Mistle Thrushes who would not let them settle. Eventually, they did settle in trees close to the Snowdrop bank which were already in bloom.

A noisy family of Long-tailed-Tits were seen close to a feeding station, 2 Bullfinch were seen here also.

My next visit this month turned out to be another exciting visit. The Redwing flock had reduced to 17 and were seen close to the pond. No Fieldfare with them though. Blackbird, were abundant also Song Thrush as they fed on the wet muddy areas around the Reserve. Several Stock Dove flew over and 4 Ring-necked Parakeets were close to the Car Park.

I heard a very familiar "cronk, cronk" sound in the distance and was thrilled, sure enough I saw a Raven, the largest member of the Crow family, slowing flying above! (see image above). Although I see these birds very regularly at my Shell Pool Reserve this was the first time I had seen one here at Gatley Carrs. Another new bird for my list and possibly the Reserve's also.

Also seen this month by other observers, Kingfisher, Treecreeper and the Raven.

My Bird Species list now stands at 59. I will do my utmost best to make it 60 this year.

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