Hawthorn Berries in the Autumn on Gatley Carrs

Trees and Shrubs

You can find all the trees and shrubs shown below on Gatley Carrs.

Austrian Pine Cones

Austrian Pine Cones.

Austrian Pine tree by Fogg seat

Austrian Pine tree by Fogg seat.

Blackthorn in full bloom April

Blackthorn in full bloom during April.

Crab Apple Tree  Autumn

Crab Apple Tree during Autumn.

Eating Apples in the Autumn by the Railway

Eating Apples in the Autumn by the Railway.

Hazel Catkins January

Hazel Catkins January.

Sloes on Blackthorn Autumn

Sloes on Blackthorn Autumn.

Wild Pear Tree Autumn

Wild Pear Tree Autumn.

Blackthorn blossom and Peacock April

Blackthorn Blossom and Peacock Butterfly in April.

Elder in flower June

Elder in flower June.

Guelder Rose in flower May

Guelder Rose in flower May.

Guelder Rose berries in September

Guelder Rose berries in September.

Hawthorn Berries Autumn

Hawthorn Berries Autumn.

Norway Maple in flower April

Norway Maple in flower April.

Rowan Berries

Rowan Berries.

Spindle Tree in Fruit September

Spindle Tree in Fruit September.