Gatley Carrs Pond


 Common Pondskater  (Gerris lacustris [L] )

Common Pondskater (Gerris lacustris [L]). There are nine species of pond skater in the UK, which range between 1-2cm in length. Often seen in large groups, they 'skate' around on the surface of the water on ponds, lakes, ditches and slow-flowing rivers, feeding on smaller insects which they stab with their sharp mouthparts or 'beaks'. The Common Pond Skater emerges from hibernation in April and lays its eggs. Hatching soon after, the nymphs go through a number of moults. (Source The Wildlife Trusts)

Shield Bug

Shield Bug (Palomena prasina).  These bugs are sap-sucking insects that can be found on a wide range of plants. The adults, when viewed from above, have a distinctive shield-like shape. (Source Royal Horticultural Society, photo courtesy of Peter Owen).