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Minutes from GCCG Meeting 21/06/2016

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2016

Minutes from GCCG Meeting 21st June 2016

Chairman’s Welcome

PO welcomed everyone and opened meeting.


Attendance and Apologies

Attendance: Peter Owen (PO), Sue Pilling (SP), Anna Forrester (AF), Bill Forrester, Chris Nield (CN), Ruth Wilson, Fran Heron, Angela Bent, John Pollard (JP), Linda Cullen, Margaret Brennan, Derek Brennan, Michelle Inwood, Alan Butler (AB), John Byrne (JB), Sharon Matthews, Bettina Taylor, Emma Burrows (EB)

Apologies: Nigel Bent, Rachel Bent, Fiona Campbell, Mary Robinson.


Minutes from last meeting

Minutes of last meeting from 22nd March were agreed and signed off.


Matters arising

JP reported that the inspection for the Green Flag award had taken place on the 9th May and the result was expected to be received by the 10th July. As it is the 20th anniversary of the award, a regional ceremony is to take place on the 19th July – it was agreed that JP and PO would attend. Maybe this could be presented formally at the Teddy Bear’s picnic on the 7th August?

WFM – fence now been repaired. Signs saying no dogs allowed in WFM hadn’t been put up - EB to do.

Membership meeting on 12th April - conclusions were that more publicity needed to raise awareness of Carrs – leaflets etc locally, programme of forthcoming events needed, DB suggested a regular ‘Sunday Stroll’ to encourage new members – suggested 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 2pm.


Treasurer’s report

AB reported a balance of £3,227.65. Gazebo costing £209.95 just been purchased. Following the disbanding of the Cheadle and Gatley Rotary Club, PO handed over a cheque for £100, donated from their remaining funds. AB then stood down and AF elected as new treasurer, proposed by PO, seconded by SP and carried unanimously.


Bird Report

CN gave a detailed report of recent bird activity over the past three months. The total number of species was up to 52. The appearance of seven goslings had kept us all entertained in May. Habitat boards were now in place. (AB and CN). A full account of Chris’ report is available on the website.

PO thanked CN again for her report and her continuing work.


Subscriptions report

Angela Bent reported currently 91 paid up members. SP sent out email reminders to all outstanding members from 2015 with standing order mandates, further ones still to do for the current year.


Wildlife and Nature Report

JP gave his wildlife and nature report, summarizing activity from March to June. John’s report can be found on the website.

Also, on 25th May, Adam Machin from Cheshire Wildlife Trust had visited the Carrs and offered some useful advice. Adam’s comments/suggestions included –

Collection of grass cuttings to take to other sites to spread biodiversity and vice versa.

Too many trees overhanging the pond therefore water stagnant so trees need to be controlled.

Yellow rattle flower seeds spread around the WFM should reduce grass growth and therefore encourage WF.

PO reported that the council had agreed to treat the thistles again this year, also Japanese knotweed.

PO discussed problem of dog control with Adam – meeting inviting dog owners to encourage responsible dog handling may be useful.


Nature Awareness Day

26th June – 1-5pm. Meet at 12 to set up. Fungalpunk Dave attending 1.45pm. Maybe hedgehog lady also. JP to do display boards – for each of habitats. JB reported damage to boards by dipping pond – trying to repair before event.


Gatley Festival

Sunday 3rd July – meet at 11.30 to set up. Membership recruitment plus ‘Splat the Rat’. PO asked for volunteers to help – rota.


Future Events

7th August – Teddy Bear’s Picnic – informal event – sweet stall, bouncy castle, bring a picnic – meeting to plan this after nature awareness day.

Tree walk later in year – JP

Task day – Balsam bash – 10th July, 10.30am.



New venue – Elm Rd church hall – positive feedback for this location. Cost £18 for room. Agreed this was a preferred venue for future meetings.

PO reported he had quote for resurfacing path to allow disabled access from the left hand gate to the dipping pond (275metres) of £11,000 plus VAT. Some of this land belonged to D Jefferies also so would need permission to do this.

Smaller grants were recently advertised as available e.g. Tesco, Council etc.– specific projects needed to apply for these grants - suggestions – Welcome sign, tarmac/improving car park (but £20,000 previous quote).

2 bird tables lost this year.

More bushes with berries suggested to add colour and attract birds.

AB suggested another row of fruit trees though council approval would be needed first.

JB asked about land drain – in hands of Network Rail.

AB reported that Bruntwood Park had donated 25 posts and straining wire for the WFM so very useful relationship with them.

Possibility of introducing more hedgehogs onto Carrs – hedgehog lady hopefully coming to NAD so could discuss with her. AB to send donation to hedgehog hospital.

PO gave final thanks to AB for his role as treasurer.


Next Meeting

Next meeting – Tuesday September 20th

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