Common Red Soldier Beetle

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Bug Report from Nature Awareness Day

Wednesday, 29 Jun 2016

Hoverflies seen on the Nature Awareness Day held on Gatley Carrs 26 June 2016 were:- Helophilus pendulus; Myathropa florea; Episyrphus balteatus; Eristalis pertinax; Dasysyrphus tricinctus; Cheilosia illustrata and Chrysogaster solstitialis. Butterflies noted were:- Meadow Brown (*1) and Large Skipper (*1).

Other bugs seen were:- Common Red Soldier Beetle (Rhagonycha fulva); 7 Spot Ladybird; Mirid bugs (Capsus ater); (Grypocoris stysi); (Leptopterna dolabrata); (Heterotoma planicornis); (Liocoris tripustulatus) and (Stenotus binotatus), the Common Flower Bug (Anthocoris nemorum); Common Green Grasshopper Azure and Blue Tailed Damselflies and a Red Tailed Bumble Bee. 

A couple of Nusery Web Spiders were also seen, much to the delight of one little toddler who seemed transfixed by them.

These specimens will be added to the relevant section of this website when we have photographs to display.

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