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Minutes from GCCG Meeting 08/07/2015

Wednesday, 8 Jul 2015

1)  Attendance

Peter Owen (PO), Emma Burrows (EB), Robert Burrows, Jackie Moloney, Nigel Bent, Angela Bent (EAB), Chris Nield, Heidi Limb, Hayley Fitzpatrick, Sharon Matthews, Barrie Rowson, Vivienne Rowson, Linda Cullen, Sue Pilling, David Colleavy, John Byrne, Ruth Wilson, Bettina Taylor, Alan Butler (AB), Margaret Brennan, Derek Brennan, Fran Heron

Apologies received: Emma Haouche, Fiona Campbell, Jim Arkwright, Lesley Witton, Chris & Michelle Inwood, Rachel Bent

Minutes of meeting 13th May agreed and signed off.

2)  Correspondence

EB confirmed the order for the installation of a new "Clarenden" style bench has been placed with Anthony Crook at SMBC and installation is likely to be September 2015. The bench will be installed at the foot of the Community Orchard, facing the WFM. The bench will be financed fully by EB and not GCCG.

John Rowlands from SMBC has confirmed he is coming to speak at the meeting on 15th September 2015 regarding the WFM.

3)  Matters arising

Revised constitution - it was unanimously agreed that the constitution was to be amended at points 7, 9 and 12.

Point 7 has now been amended to meetings only being open to members of the GCCG and not the general public (to prevent incidents of unwanted “guests” joining our Group meetings), and that ordinary meetings will now be held quarterly instead of bi-monthly, as so much information is now available to members via our website. The meetings will remain on the 2nd Wednesday of the month it is due.

Point 9 has been amended to subscriptions being due on the anniversary of the members joining date for new members from July 2014, with existing members before that date staying as previously arranged (i.e. 2nd January each year).

Any member not having paid his or her subscription for the current year will have his, or her, name removed from the Register of Members a month after the subscription has not been paid.

This option can be reviewed at the discretion of the committee if circumstances merit it.

Point 12 under General – last paragraph to now state:

This constitution may be amended after two months’ notice with a majority vote of the committee.

4)  Treasurers Report

AB reported that there was the sum of £3,199.37 in the account.

5)  Bird Report

Bird Report was compiled by Chris Nield who addressed the meeting with a full account of the bird life to date. She has noted 42 species have been seen since March 2015 and the report is available to all on the website.

The meeting thanked Chris for this in-depth and varied report which was listened to and well received by all the members at the meeting.

6)  Subscriptions Report (EAB)

Angela Bent informed the meeting there are 157 "live" members.

Email has gone out to renew membership for July 2014 members from the Festival.

Motion passed to transfer to an annual Standing Order as there are no costs involved to the Group to collect payments in this manner.

Subsequent Membership forms will now include a Standing Order form from the next print run.

7)  Festival Report

PO gave the meeting an amusing account of our stall at the Gatley Festival this year. Splat the Rat raised £96.93 and nine new members were signed up. Unfortunately the afternoon was curtailed at 3pm due to a heavy downpour which made it impossible to carry on.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the day and for the interest again our work is generating in this community.

8)  Forthcoming Events

Sharon Mathews gave a run down of the planned Teddy Bears Picnic on 9th Aug 2015.

PO had completed the risk assessment and event application forms required.

9)  Task Days

Next Balsam Bash on 19th July

Many thanks to John Byrne, Dave Colleavy, Heidi Limb and Alan Butler for their sterling efforts to keep this invasive weed under control.

10)  Education

EB continuing liaison with Gatley Primary.

It was agreed EB will contact Lum Head in September and also the Kingsway School to grow our links with our local young people.

11)  SMBC Courses Report

PO reported that that Jim Arkwright, Alan Butler and himself had successfully completed the SMBC first aid and risk assessment course, which will be of benefit to the Group and certificates are being sent out to the attendees to confirm their qualification.

A power tool course on 18th July has been booked for Alan, Butler, Dave Colleavy and Heidi Limb to attend.

14)  Wildflower Meadow/Pond/Site management

PO had had a long chat with John Rowlands from SMBC ref these various issues and rather than try to explain John’s views, PO suggested he came to talk to at our next meeting, John had agreed to attend our next meeting so we can all air our views and hear his.

To accommodate this our next meeting will be moved to Tuesday 15th September.

Suggested a group of us get to get together prior to that meeting to structure our questions, date to be agreed.

15)  Gatley Festival Walk Report

PO led this well received walk, aided by guest botanist Dave Bishop, approximately 30 people attended the evening.

We will be happy to do this again next year for the Festival.

16)  Bat Walk

PO also reported on a very successful Bat Walk on 26th May, with over 65 people in attendance. A very informative and enjoyable evening.

Another Bat Walk to be booked for May 2016 at a slightly later start time of 8;30pm and to follow the same format and to coincide with the Whit School Holiday.

17)  AOB

Signage - agreed another banner was needed.

Alan Butler suggested some fleeces with the GCCG logo on are purchased for the group to use while on site doing maintenance work - Hi Viz jackets also mentioned.

PO to get some prices together.

EB to get the logo artwork for these items to be personalised.

Alan Butler advised that the strimmer the Wolstenholme family kindly donated needs replacing.

The strimmer that would be most beneficial for the Carrs is approx £400 - it was agreed by all that this should be replaced and that a new one suitable for the requirements ahead should be purchased out of GCCG funds.

Information gained on the power tool course to be used to further assess the best version to suit our needs.

Gazebos and tables also needed, and more research to be carried out.

PO requested that estimates for all items should be obtained and decisions will then be made as to which to buy.

Alan Butler will then arrange the purchases.


Suggested that Nadeem should build up a photo archive of events on the Carrs for our files.


Calendar competition needs further promotion so we have a good selection of photographs for next year’s calendar. Emma to post reminder on our Facebook page .


Date of Next Meeting:

15th September 2015.

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