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Minutes from GCCG Meeting 13/05/2015

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

1. Meeting Opened by Peter Owen, held at 7.30pm Horse and Farrier

2. Attendance and Apologies


Peter Owen, Emma Burrows, Angela Bent, Nigel Bent, John Pollard, Alan Butler, Chris Neild, Ruth, Fran, Chris, Sharon Matthews, Jim Arkwright, Margaret Brennan, Derek Brennan, Stan Johnson, Bettina, Keith Holloway

Apologies – Fiona Campbell, Michelle Inwood, Pam King, Rotary, Rachel Bent

3. Minutes of previous meeting accepted and signed off

4. Correspondence

Peter had had an email exchange with Iain Bate (SMBC) ref a councillor present at the Mad Hatters Tea party – Councillor was impressed with the work we are doing and suggested that grant funding should be applied for, that he would support.

Peter Owen read this e-mail correspondence to the meeting.

5. Treasurers Report (Alan Butler)

Accounts handed out.

£552 profit from MHTP (net of ongoing insurance costs £307.00)

£3,395.63 current balance

6. Wildlife

John Pollard had been on a course on how to identify lichens – 7 on Carrs, indicators of air quality – moderate SO2 in Carrs atmosphere.

Details of flora and fauna on noticeboards. Some plants a bit later than previous years – generally good showing from the selected plants identified by national BBC, Springwatch survey, as indicators of the timing of the arrival of spring – all five items now present on Carrs.

Bat Walk on 26th May – 4 or 5 species expected – 8.00pm at the H&F – 9 – 9:30pm on Carrs.

7. Birds

Chris Neild explained her experience and concerns about her current nature reserve. Met up with Alan Butler and Peter Owen to visit Carrs.

Noted several exciting birds, she spotted on her first visit 22 species (excellent). Various other birds seen over 4 visits.

25 in March.

32 species in April.

Bird report posted onto the website and the Facebook page.

Peter Owen met up with rep from RSPB Head Office and to keep in contact re diversification of species – action plan to be drawn up and agreed.

Chris Neild suggested use of “Habitat Boards” to encourage colonisation under the boards – agreed and Alan Butler and task team to implement.

8. Mad Hatters Tea Party

Peter Owen thanked all involved. £75 raised in H&F afterwards. Angela Bent raised concern over lack of feedback on the Facebook page as other events had in the past been commented on.

Review of event to be held at a date to be agreed.

9. Members

151 members – 50 not paid subs

45 with no email address

9 addresses don’t work

Despite requests, only 2 people have supplied addresses.

Peter to write to all non-email members and letter to be distributed by hand using as many helpers as possible to keep costs down.

10. IT

Discussion of subscription payment via Paypal. Discussion to encourage standing orders with us creating Standing Order Mandates – best option as free so to be encouraged and on the next print run for membership slips this will include Standing Order mandate. Approved.

11. Forthcoming Events

Sharon Matthews mentioned forthcoming Bat walk, discussion of cost of detectors in hands of children. John Pollard questioned maximum number of attendees. Peter Owen to check with SM Bat Group

Bat walk 26th May 8pm at H&F for presentation – 9pm to Carrs.

Mon 29th June – Guided Nature Walk (Part of Gatley Festival) meet 6-20pm Car Park for 6:30pm start.
£2 fee to be paid for Festival Fund

July 5th Gatley Festival - Volunteers needed for GCCG stall – Sharon Matthews passed around a rota for people to add their names to.

Discussion of possible dates for Teddy Bears Picnic – August??

Events Committee to be set up and to arrange dates to meet and discuss.

12. Task Days

Peter Owen asked Alan Butler about required tasks, Wild Flower Meadow needs cutting after the thistles have been sprayed, but SMBC not expected to do this until Nov 2015 – possibility of losing another year of WFM.

Heidi Limb mentioned need to keep nettles under control – Peter Owen pointed out that nettles are good for wildlife – but PO and AB will keep footpaths clear.

Balsam bashing required end of June.

13. Education

Peter Owen explained meeting with Vanessa (Deputy Head) at Gatley Primary. School is very enthusiastic about working with GCCG.

14. Projects

WFM, Pond etc – “Habitat Boards” Peter Owen explained set up of small sub-groups to discuss how to implement these changes.

15. What We Want To Achieve;

Peter asked the meeting for general ideas on this subject.

A lively discussion on the “focus” of the group followed. John Pollard expressed concern over “social” aspect of events and suggested we should concentrate more on the conservation aspect.

Peter Owen pointed out falling support from SMBC due to funding cuts necessitated us becoming more self-sufficient, a view supported by Keith Holloway a local councillor.

Heidi Limb and Sharon Matthews have suggested a “Dog Show”

Angela Bent mentioned the problem with dog waste on the Carrs. Alan Butler mentioned the problem with professional dog walkers with too many dogs. Alan suggested we have a manned post to increase awareness, also leaving letters under the car windscreen wipers of professional dog walker vans asking them to become members and also reminding them of their responsibilities regarding dog waste.

Meeting agreed this should be trialled.

Chris Nield suggested feeding rota for bird tables – this needs setting up.

Emma Burrows suggested Mayday, Teddy Bears Picnic and Halloween as annual events. Also suggested we may be better to utilise scout hut for activities (better for inclement weather) rather than Carrs.

Teddy Bears Picnic would remain on Carrs.

Also suggested working with H&F given success after the Mad Hatters tea party – pub quiz? Awareness evening??

Events committee to investigate.

Age demographic of group was discussed and further ways to integrate younger members into our Group, and also to integrate our Group into our community – Peter Owen said this was important and needs to be addressed and discussed in more depth at another meeting.

16. AOB

Peter Owen invited people to attend Risk Assessment for Mechanical Handling on 19th and 20th May run by SMBC.

Jim Arkwright, Alan Butler Peter Owen to attend course on 20th May – Peter Owen will action.

Angela Bent raised enquiry received from website regarding a volunteer with an autistic child – Peter Owen to respond and action. This led to John Pollard asking for clarification as to whom deals with what as they come in via the website. It was agreed that Website enquiries will be dealt with as follows:

  • Wildlife enquiries – John Pollard to action
  • IT/SEO – Angela Bent to action
  • General Enquiries – Peter Owen to action

Emma Burrows mentioned discussion with Bott Family re Memorial Bench for their mother – Emma will chase this enquiry but has said that should the family not wish to go ahead with this then she will purchase and install one at her own cost.

Next meeting Wednesday 8th July 2015 19:30 Horse and Farrier.

Meeting Closed.

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